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Customizable e-notes with reminder function imitate paper self-adhesive notes
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24 January 2007

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For remembering various things, meetings, anniversaries, etc people often prefer to set reminders or make notes for everything. But setting up reminders can get hectic and even notes are required to be placed on the boards, tables, etc. Now you can remove all these hassles by utilizing Screen Notes 3.0. It provides you with the notes that can be conveniently placed on your PC screen for your convenience. It supports notes that are customizable and also work as reminders for you by providing the alarm feature. Even if you need to share the reminder, you can send it to your colleagues though email. You can get various notes placed at your screen and have myriad events reminded to you on time.

Screen Notes 3.0 has a convenient user interact that you can simply start making notes in not time. Just go ahead and make the notes and enter the information that you want to be displayed on it. You can have the notes made and customized according to you. You can change the color for each note and set it to be different. Change the size and the location of the notes on the screen. For having the notes in the font that suits your need you can change the font style for each note separately or even set any font as default. You can even have the different font and color used in the same note. For having your attention on the note you can set the alarm with it. You can separately place your WMV files to each note or choose the specified sound. Having a meeting with your client and you need to convey this to your colleagues also then you can send the reminder by email to them. You can even get the notes printed and have the notes edited when required and even you can close the note when it is not required. The list of the reminders is shown on the program screen.

Screen Notes 3.0 provides you the features to form new notes that stay on the screen and set the alarm with them. 4 rating points has been given to the program for its effective customization and its well rounded features.

Publisher's description

The Screen Notes program is intended for placing e-notes on the screen of your monitor. E-notes imitate paper self-adhesive ones.
With this program you can create your notes just on the screen of your monitor! Now you don't need to search, where to hook your note written on the piece of paper. It will appear on the desktop of your computer. Nevertheless no new buttons will be represented on your Taskbar.
Besides, you will appreciate the program's ability to set a different alarm time for each note. After that you are able to close the note without any troubles. At the appointed time the note will be opened and you'll hear a reminder sound. You can assign your favorite WAV file as a reminder sound.
You'll also be able to send notes to colleagues via e-mail.
Easy to use, Screen Notes will satisfy anyone looking for a simple, no-frills reminder program.
Basic program features:
1) Reminder function. In 2.5 version possibility to customize reminder sound is added. You can set any wave file (*.wav) you want, as reminder sound.
2) Opportunity to send note by e-Mail. Your default mail client will start with new message form, filled from your note.
3) Printing. Printing of note content with the maintenance of formatting.
4) E-notes are fully customizable. You can change its color, dimensions and location on the screen. And now you are able to change font of any note separately or set default font for all new notes.
Also in 3.0 version a rich text formatting is added. I.e. now even in a single note it is possible to represent different words and phrases with a different font, color, etc.
Screen Notes
Screen Notes
Version 3.0
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